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January 2007

Emmerson lake and Palmer Mi Timbers Shipmates...

The old goggle page rank bot 's just paid us a visit - we've won our first vote and got a PR 1. Keep signing up dudes for your 20 free links. More soon...

Strewth 2007

Hells Bells it's 2007!

Happy new underpants to you all!

Had some more sign ups including, and amongst others!

So you see it's that easy! Request your links and off you go. You'd be daft not to.

Lets see what happens to the PR next time google updates. We started the ball rolling now with the first links here! Thanks dudes!

Strewth December

G'day sports, as anyone seen my Kangaroo?

The uptake on this little project has been a bit slow, but hey, no problem, I've been so busy with some new affiliate stuff. In fact making money through affiliate marketing on google ppc has never been so easy. I've just been spending all day watching the commissions flow in and I sort of took my eye off this little hobby-project. I recently had a few requests for the 20 links but had a problem with the info submission (which is now fixed) - all I got was some gobbledigook. So if you requested, and didn't get, just do the submission again... request your links. Sorry for the incon... etc.

October 27th 2006

Right, the free website links blog and site is now live! Let's see what happens. If you want 20 free links simply request your links and get started. I'll give an update in the next few days.

October 26th 2006

Ok, I've been thinking about link partner schemes and reciprocal link programs for some time, and the one thing that is obvious to the beginer is "too much hassle".

So here is my little idea, register for 20 free links on this site and I will add your url to 20 of my existing sites (page ranks from 0 to 4). If you link back you get a better deal by appearing on the homepage as well as the links page - that seems fair enough. If you spend the 1 Minute and request your links you immediately have a "real benefit" for virtually doing nothing. If many of you link back to this website we all benefit as time goes by from the increasing page rank, which will in turn benefit your page rank.

You can return to watch the progress by the "facts" stats on the image on the homepage and top right here.

So to begin with, if you want to improve your search engine rank NOW, get your free 20 links now, sign up

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